Tampon - Organic 100% Cotton Pack of 10 (Super Absorbent)

Tampon - Organic 100% Cotton Pack of 10 (Super Absorbent)


Freda 100% organic cotton tampons are available in a range of absorbencies, with and without a BPA-free plant based plastic applicator for soft, flexible and comfortable insertion



Freda organic tampons are made from 100% certified organic cotton, free from chemicals, fragrances and dyes found in other products. The tampon itself expands sideways, rather than lengthwise, for a more natural, secure fit and enhanced leak protection.



  • 100% naturally-absorbent, breathable organic cotton

  • 8 specialised grooves regulate even expansion and enhance absorption

  • Standard industry absorbencies: Regular, Super and Super Plus

  • Hypoallergenic for sensitive skin

  • BPA-free plastic applicator for enhanced comfort